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Enertia, the World’s First Production Electric Motorcycle

entertia motorcycle

Brammo Motorsports has launched the world’s first production motorcycle–with zero emissions. It’s a battery-powered plug-in electric motorcycle.

This new electric motorcycle called the “Enertia” has a range of 45 miles. It takes 3 hours to fully re-charge the Enertia’s battery.

The Enertia uses a carbon fiber chassis that productes an ultra strong, light-weight vehicle platform of just 275 lbs. The chassis integrates six lithium-phosphate batteries that produces the power to propel the Enertia to a top speed of over 50 mph.

Brammo Motorsports’ Enertia is the first in a fully line of plug-in electric commuter, commercial and recreational vehicles currently under development.

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  1. This is very cool, with a range of 45 miles I could definitely get to work and back without having to recharge.

  2. QueenMab
    Jul 10th 2007

    I’m not a motorcycle fan, and I’m still intrigued by this. It’d be great for quick trips to Starbucks and stuff like that.

  3. QueenMab, I totally agree–this is far better than a scooter to get around. But how would you carry your Starbucks coffee while riding the Enertia? LOL

  4. Pfft, just an electric scooter with a different body.

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