VinFast Commercial and Service Trading Electric Vehicles in Vietnam

The first VinFast VF e34 electric cars are about to roll off the production line at VinFast Hai Phong factory

VinFast Commercial and Service Trading Co., Ltd organized a ceremony to distribute its first batch VF e34 electric cars to customers at VinFast’s Hai Phong, Vietnam manufacturing plant. This event was a gateway to the future of Vietnamese electric vehicles, making Vietnam one the few countries that have successfully adopted the technology of clean-energy vehicle production.

The VF e34 electric SUV is a mid-sized electric SUV that offers a modern design, remarkable acceleration and a wealth of integrated smart features. It was designed and developed specifically for the Vietnamese market.

VF e34 features many unique features. VinBigData, a Vingroup member company, developed VF e34’s virtual assistant. Multi-regional Vietnamese accent recognition allows users to interact directly with the vehicle and manage many features easily and conveniently. Customers can also book services provided by Vingroup members such as entertainment services, medical services at Vinmec and flights via Vinpearl app. Customers can also watch movies via FPT Play and shop using Shopee’s app ….. New features, utility services, and other information will be available to them through remote software installation.

VinFast has partnered up with MobiFone Telecommunication Corporation in order to provide customers the best eSIM data packages. Each VF e34 will come pre-installed with eSIM. Customers will then pay a fee to MobiFone to access eSIM data.

VinFast’s VF e34 package offers an optional, advanced feature package that is worth 60 million VND (approximately 2.600 USD). This includes driver assistance features such as safety, navigation system and geo-limit settings. VinFast will give this optional package as a tribute for more than 25,000 customers who purchased VF e34 smart-electric cars before its opening. These features will not be available to customers who purchase a car after the opening of sales.

VinFast officially announced its new rental package for Vietnamese customers when it delivered the first batch of electric vehicles. VinFast reduced the minimum package to 500km/month, in order to support customers. For a maximum of 500km/month, the monthly subscription fee is 657,500 VND/month (approximately $37). Customers who travel more than 500km per month will be charged an additional VinFast battery rental fee at 1,315 VND/km (approximately $0.05). VinFast will also replace your battery if its charging capacity falls below 70%.

VinFast will rent batteries throughout the product’s lifecycle and will adjust its rental rate annually. VinFast will adjust the battery rents every year on December 1. This will only be done based on the rise/fall in electricity/gasoline costs.

All pioneering customers receive free battery rent for the first twelve months.

VinFast charges a fee to charge cars at its public charging stations. This is approximately $0.12, equivalent to the level 5 electricity cost announced by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade. Customers will be charged an additional 1,000 VND per minute if the battery is full but the car remains in the charging position. This fee is equivalent to the level 5 electricity price announced by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade on March 20, 2019. This fee is added to the monthly subscription fee.

Customers who purchase VF e34 cars will also receive a 2.2kW portable charger that can be used to charge the battery using the home power grid. VinFast also sells a 7.4kW wall-mounted charger for customers who wish to install more at their home. It costs 9,400,000 VND (approximately $411).

VinFast is expected to continue to give out thousands of VF e34 cars to customers who have paid in advance in January 2022. VinFast will continue to offer smart electric cars in Vietnam. It will introduce a complete EV line of electric cars at the 2022 Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas (USA) on January 5th through 8th.

VinFast- “To create sustainable futures for all”VinFast officially announced, along with the distribution of its first electric vehicle model, the launch of its new community project . The goal is to plant one million trees. VinFast will donate a tree for every VinFast EV that is sold in Vietnam.

360-degree Panoramic View Monitoring
VinAI, a Vingroup company’s technology ecosystem, developed SVM technology that is used on VF-e34 electric cars. This technology allows drivers to monitor the external environment and adjust the view using the dashboard. This system uses fish-eye cameras combined with AI technology to identify traffic participants. The SVM has high-quality 3D imaging capabilities that allow the driver to identify blind spots and observe them accurately.