Electrum Spyder

The $70,000 Electrum Spyder (or $100,000, depending on the battery options) was unveiled in Santa Monica in the middle of December 2006. AutoblogGreen attended the show and spoke with the designer of the car/Senior Vice President of the company. Learn all about the Spyder in this four minute video below from AutoblogGreen:

The Electrum Spyder is an exciting 2 passenger convertible all electric freeway flier that will be available in limited production. Powered by a 300 vdc system, the Spyder provides an effective range of up to 150 miles on a full charge using nickel zinc batteries, standard in all of our vehicles. As with all of our Electrum series the Spyder can be upgraded to Lithium Ion batteries when available with a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge.


Number of seats 2
Dimensions 171” long, 70” wide, 47” high
Curb weight 2900 lb
Maximum load 700 lb
Maximum allowed Weight 3600 lb
Luggage Capacity 16 Cubic Feet
Acceleration 0 – 60 7 seconds
Range 70-150 miles (depending on battery options and driving habits)


Removable hardtop
Tinted glass
Electric heater/defroster
Alloy wheels
Tilt steering wheel
Rack & pinion steering
Electric windows
Optional Touch screen navigation, CD, DVD, radio
Electrical Systems

Propulsion batteries (nickel zinc batteries / optional Lithium Ion)
On-board high frequency battery charger (220v or 110v charger), approximate charge time 2-8 hr.
Safety Features

Layered composite construction
Large front and rear crunch zone
Enclosed battery safety containers
Inertia switch (cuts power automatically in case of an accident)
Four wheel disk brakes
Coil over shocks
Redundant interlocks (will not allow car to power up unless driver is in the driver’s seat)
Integrated front and rear steel protection

Polyester glass fiber composite body panels
Steel chassis
Specifications subject to change without notice

When will the Electrum series of vehicles be available?
U.E.V. will begin taking orders for Electrum Spyder in December 2006. Keep checking our web site for further information.

Is the quality any different than mainstream automobiles?
No, we take pride in each vehicle. We won’t put our name on it unless it meets our highest quality standards, after all we’re consumers also.

What is the range of electric automobiles?
There are different factors to consider such as the type of EV you’re driving, what kind of batteries your vehicle has, and of course driving habits. On Nickel Zinc batteries and you can expect up to 150 miles on a single charge. On the other hand, lithium ion batteries, though pricey, will provide up to a 300 mile range on a single charge which gets you from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with extra to spare.

How do I charge my batteries?
Most of our cars come with 120 or 240 vac standard plug, enabling you to charge just about anywhere. Charging time generally depends on how much you have depleted your batteries. If your commute is generally local, theoretically it could be weeks before your next charge. However, most people plug their car in almost every night. So depending on how you charge, 120 or 240 vac and the depletion of your batteries, your charge time could be anywhere from one hour to eight hours.

What kind of performance can I expect?
All of our vehicles are built with performance in mind. With double A arm suspension, coil over shocks, Rack and Pinion steering you can expect quick response and a smooth ride. Acceleration is excellent and can be a real thrill. EV’s have come along way.

How will I get service?
Although electric vehicles are very low maintenance your car may need service. This would be done at an approved service center or dealer.

What other benefits can I expect from owning an electric vehicle?
Other than the obvious, such as public free charging, no more pumping gasoline etc., you may have other benefits and incentives. High Occupancy Lanes (Diamond Lane) is available for single occupants driving an EV. Both tax incentives and EV purchase incentives are available. Please check with your local laws and tax adviser.

How to purchase an Electrum Series Vehicle?
This is a very exciting time for Universal Electric Vehicle Corporation. The response is overwhelming. We will begin taking orders for the Electrum Spyder in December 2006. The Electrum Series vehicles will be available through established conventional automotive, motorcycle, and privately owned dealerships. Purchases may also be made directly through corporate headquarters. Watch for dealers near you!