Southwind Plastics Introduces New Line of Modern Tire Covers

Southwind Plastics has introduced the “D.O.M. program to go along with the Polypro(TM) and Polypro-2(TM) new line of modern tire covers. Southwind would like the opportunity to dazzle customers with brilliance with the products and our method of doing business.

Polypro was an 18 month project that was first envisioned by Wes, the President, some years ago while looking at a glass black ocean early one morning. Eighteen months ago while attending a seminar on polymers the glass black ocean came back to Wes in the form of Darth Vader’s Helmet.

A group of polymer engineer’s, fabricators, both here and overseas were contacted, and so began the quest. What has come out of the past 18 months is what is referred to as “black ice”.

A by-product in the project was a clear tire cover. This product will be made for 18″, 20″ and 22 inch rims. It looks and feels like it’s sister polypro(TM) except it shows the fifth wheel off, while keeping it dry, clean and protected.

The Polypro line of products will be offered only through authorized Toyota, Hummer, and Jeep dealers in the United Stated and Canada. Mark Robinson unveiled the new marketing program for Southwind called the D.O.M. program which means “Dealer Oriented Manufacture”.

Southwind does not sell directly to the end user, through mail order or Internet customers unless they have an authorized dealership and follow MAPP guidelines.

Southwind believes this product needs to be sold with the car or through its parts department. The tire cover is so sexy and is such a statement piece on any of the vehicles it truly needs to be one of the first items purchased with the FJ Cruiser, Hummer or Jeep.

We believe the dealer has an investment of millions of dollars to bring the consumer a new car, service and we want to be part of that experience on the front end as well as the after-market.