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General Motors Licenses Hummer H2 and Hummer H3 Tire Covers

Hummer H2 Tire Cover

Boomerang Enterprises has teamed up with General Motors to offer their full line of distinctive soft spare tire covers and hybrid rigid face tire covers for the Hummer H2 and the Hummer H3 to North American Hummer dealers. “Boomerang is the only licensed supplier for soft and hybrid spare tire covers. Therefore, they are the only supplier authorized by GM to distribute trademarked product for these types of covers.” states Diane Mahoney, General Motors Licensing Manager. The licensed products include Boomerang soft vinyl tire covers, including their patented reflective print tire covers, as well as their unique line of hybrid rigid face tire covers for Hummer H2 and H3 vehicles.

Since 1995, Boomerang Enterprises, Inc has been an automotive accessories manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling custom rear mounted tire covers to both automotive dealerships and manufacturers. Within a few years of entering the market, Boomerang became the leading supplier by innovating new product concepts in a market that had seen little innovation historically. “Other players have consistently attempted to copy our innovations, but generally fall short,” states Gene Fischer, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Boomerang’s rigid face tire covers are truly a hybrid between traditional vinyl tire covers and all plastic covers. Christopher Fischer, President, states, “We developed and perfected this versatile line of tire covers over a number of years and officially launched the product in 2005.” The covers are unique in that they are constructed of a durable UV resistant, thermoformed ABS plastic face that is sewn to a heavy duty vinyl side band that stretches around the tire’s tread. Customers love the versatility of these covers. A dealer can order the tire cover in standard black textured version or in a color matched painted version. “Both options look great on the back of any Hummer, come with our standard 3 year warranty, and like all of our products, can be customized with dealer logos,” according to Jessica Flynn, Creative Director. There is even an option for a stainless steel painted or unpainted ring if the customer requests it.

Boomerang’s multi-step painting process is top quality. Each tire cover is properly prepped, base coated, and clear coated resulting in a very attractive tire cover. “Boomerang uses only top of the line, premium PPG automotive paint and unlike any of our competition, we have a proprietary screen printing process that permanently seals the printed graphics under the clear coat giving the painted Hummer tire cover a very impressive and durable finish,” states Christopher Fischer.

Check out the site here: www.hummertirecovers.com

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