New Lexus Hybrids Mean MPG Is Up

Businesses providing hybrid automobile rentals are being shown the way by MPG, a business so far ahead, their fleet of green vehicles and hybrids functions new 2012 designs even your greenest environmentally friendly acquaintance most likely hasn’t heard of however. But they will soon, and once they do they’ll be green with envy. MPG offers rentals with both cutting edge mileage and top performance in their class. Along with recognizable, iconic models like the Prius and Chevy Volt, MPG has lately additional the gorgeous and sporty Fisker Karma. However, usually the leader in green rentals, they’re already building on their collection with the stylish new Lexus CT200.

Those that don’t want to sacrifice luxury for environmental improvement are in to get a deal with once they sit down inside a Lexus CT200. Get behind the wheel and you will know this really is no Prius. The design in the interior components screams “fun” not “fuel economic climate.” Utilizing some of the same engine elements because the Prius, and providing similar mileage and even much better performance, the advantage right here is for those who prefer to stay low-key concerning the mileage their car is getting. This looks like any sleek fashionable Lexus, and that’s a very great factor. This really is as great for the Earth as luxury vehicles get, but when you’re in the mood, the CT200 can provide you with an added efficiency edge. The Lexus brand will be the option for those who want a business with expertise, because they have more hybrid models below their brand than anybody else. As for where to get it? Trust MPG Car Rental’s skilled customer service and upkeep, so whenever you push the “on” button, you’ll know you are in the hands in the best automobile rental company for yourself as well as your planet.

And speaking in the planet, MPG Car Rental’s Check Drive system is really a cutting edge concept aimed at getting drivers into the cars everyone’s considering these days: green vehicles. It’s not possible to deny that this revolution is all around us, but intelligent customers know a dealership test drive is not enough to create a conscientious choice about a large choice like this. That is why MPG wants drivers to expertise green for a week. Once they do, they will find out the benefits of driving with out stopping to fill up the gas tank. It is also an excellent method to attain out to the community with the green automobile ideal, and inform the world about this varied and fun-to-drive new category of automobile. The best component? Using the check drive system, if a consumer decides to purchase, the price of renting can be taken out of the buy price. MPG has significantly more to provide the clients, and also the planet, than any other Automobile Rental by LAX .

For info about the test drive program, rentals, or just to locate out more about green vehicles, examine out their website at

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